16A Relays with space saving, energy saving, cost saving

In the 16Amps relay applications, the market is always dominated by famous RT style and the other relay makers with same footprint such as AZ762, G2RL/G5RL, HF115 and 888H/507H. This type of relay provides the advantages of low profile and high rating in a compact size; hence many hardware designers have been using it over 25 years in various of industries.

NOW is time to redesign a NEW PCB control with brand new GQ 16A to reduce 50% space on PCB compare to today standard.


Today Goodsky reinvents a disruptive technology to the 16Amps relay market. Our new GQ 16Amps is focusing on reducing PCB size by using the double layout method (see below). This method allows the designer to replace RT/HF115 type relays in the initial stage, and later on designer can take time and opportunity to redesign a new PCB layout in a much smaller size. Goodsky intensify its standard features with 5-stars profile. 3-in-1 Combo optional features which exceed the current 16Amps market requirements can bring your products to a more advanced level.


Premium Quality specially made for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Controls, Smart Home and Building Automation, Lighting Controls, Motor Controls, Industrial Controls, Measurement and Instrumentation Circuits and more.

Standard Features: UL Class F, 16A/277VAC 50,000 Operations at 105C, AgSnO + In contacts for better inrush performance, TV-8 compliance, 360mW power consumption, 4KVAC I/O dielectric strength, 7mm clearance and 8mm creepage reinforced insulation.



3-in-1 Combo: THR Reflow Solderable + IEC60335 GWT + Halogen Free version is available.

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Revolution - The Next Generation of the 16A Relay Class!

Since the introduction of the famous and today widely used RT style relay 25 years ago the market is waiting for a next generation solution offering new features and advantages to hardware designers. The brand new GQ 16A version of GOODSKY represents the next level of miniaturization as this component reduces the space needed on the PC board compared to the standard available today by half.


Based on the strong partnership of CODICO and GOODSKY the two companies decided to work on the roadmap of a next generation 16A relay to provide the market a smarter solution compared to today's well introduced RT standard and took the GQ relay platform as the basis to design this new product.


The objectives for the specification of this next generation relay were as follows:
• Considerable reduction of space requirementin comparison to todays solution
• Reinforced insulation despite reduced length
• Enable double layout to RT/RZ style relays
• High ambient temperature up to 105°C
• A reflow version with reasonable price added
• Fully automated production line to secure highest product reliability and quality level


The designers of GOODSKY took the challenge and worked on modification of the inner structure both coil- and contact system. Intensive testing of the electrical performance for resistive as well as high capacitive inrush loads showed that the design objectives are meet. We are now able to offer a very small and powerful universal power-pcb-relay for a number of applications such as for wet-, cool- and hot platforms in the appliances industry, applications in smart homeand building automation, light controls, motor controls, heating controls, industrial controls and the use in measurement and instrumentation circuits.


GQ 16A at a glance
• 16A/277VAC, 50,000 Operations at 105°C
• 1 NO contact, contact material AgSnO plus Indium to secure best inrush performance
• Reinforced contact pins – double layout possible to combine with RT class NO versions
• TV-8 rating demonstrating a high inrush performance
• Coil voltages from 5 to 48VDC
• 360mW coil sensitivity
• Coil System class F
• 105°C maximum ambient temperature
• Compact dimensions of 18.2×10.0×15.0mm   (L×W×H)
  50% less demandin space on pcb compared to today’s standard
• Product meets the needs of reinforced insulation of 7mm clearance and 8mm creepage and solid insulation 2mm with 4.000VAC
  dielectric strength between coil and contacts
• Version meeting the glow wire requirement acc. to IEC 60335-1 on finished product available
• Halogen free version on request
• Reflow version available on request for both flux tight and sealed version
• TÜV listed, UL and VDE are in progress


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Author, Michael Blaha, Product Marketing Relays & Switches, CODICO GmbH

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